Team Building

Team Building

Competing against one another on stage in a game show is a memorable team building experience unlike any other! We will have your group laughing, critically thinking and doing physical challenges that creates an event that will be the talk of the office for a long time to come.

By default of your staff agreeing to be on the show, they will be stepping outside of their every day, office comfort zone allowing managers and co-workers to witness first hand other creative assets, skills and talents of individuals that may be valuable to the company. Your group will be placed in an environment of fast pace decision making combined with multiple failures and successes that ultimately lead to the building of company spirit that is hard to achieve on a regular basis.

The Game Show Game Show is currently booking a minimum of 2 and a max of 10 people at a time to ensure proper social distancing. We may be able to accommodate larger groups based on the overall occupancy of our facility. 

**Custom Designed Shows**

Via our programmable software, we can arrange our trivia questions to specifically cater to your business's industry or personal questions about your employees and management which create great work spirit and amazing staff bonding in a comical, memorable way. (Please email your local Game Show producer for details).

Most corporate team building groups set up dinner, drinks or a meeting following their session that allow them to discuss and analyze their adventure.

To reserve a private session that your team will not forget, please email the producer of the city where your show is located. Emails are located on the contact page. Private show times during the week outside of our normal sessions can be arranged.

Get ready to participate in one of the most valued added, adrenaline packed team building session you’ve ever done!

The Game Show Game Show