Finally you do not need luck on
your side to be selected to be on a Game Show!

The Game Show Game Show is designed as a team building activity and interactive theater piece that takes active entertainment to the next level! Typically you must be chosen from the audience or pre-screened to be on a realty TV show... those days are over!

This televised production delivers a pulse pounding hour of laughter, excitement and epic fun as you battle along side your friends, family and co-workers to rack up points in an attempt to win prizes.   A number of our "Spin-It to Win-It" challenges will require contestants to communicate and work together with teammates to collect points.  Regardless of how many points you receive and your ranking, all contestants will walk away with a consulary prize that will have your co-workers buzzing around the water cooler Monday morning!

The fun can be shared with grandparents, relatives and loved ones around the world, as you invite them tune in on a Smart TV or the internet and watch you perform LIVE on  The Game Show Game Show.

**Thousands of people could potentially be watching you on the show! Please note, if you are having a bad hair day, we are unable to edit the live feed.

The Game Show Game Show