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We are excited to be reopening our doors, hearts, and safety first fun to you! We are committed to keeping you, your party, and our staff safe. At this time, we are limiting service to private parties between 2 and 10 people. If you have a group larger than 10, we may be able to accommodate your group but you will need to you email us to ensure we can stay below our capacity limit for the entire facility.

For the health of our staff, and for compliance with local city ordinances, masks or face coverings that cover both the mouth and nose must be worn at all times inside of our facilities. Temperature checks will be conducted before admittance is allowed, and if any guests are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, the admittance of the entire party will not be permitted. Events canceled in such a manner will be rescheduled.

Please contact us at  chicago@roomescapeadventures.com if you have any additional questions.

Experience outrageous fun during your next corporate team builder, birthday party or date night by being on a Game Show!  Wear bedazzled, sparkling vests, spin the Wheel of Fortune Cookie, cross your fingers you don't land on Tear Tractor and complete Spin-It-To-Win-It challenges while creating an unforgettable experience!

Prepare to enter a world of epic sequence decor, disco lights and mountains of laughter as you use your skill, wits and Game Show Awesomeness to play a collection of TV's Greatest Game Shows... on a Game Show!

(**Zero trivia knowledge is needed to score enough points to be crowned Game Show King or Queen!**)

You haven't had this much fun with your coworkers and friends in ages!




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Suite #408, Fine Arts Building
410 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605

"Had such a fun time! Zane and Ashely were hysterical!"
~ Bonnie Mangold
"SO MUCH FUN Neil and Hilary were so patient and funny with our group. Will never forget this night! Such a great experience for friends and family!"
~ Sheena Ahmed
"We had so much fun at the Gameshow, it was such a different experience for us! Zane and Nathan were hilarious and enthusiastic hosts, and kept the game interesting. Would definitely recommend and would definitely go again!"
~ Nilofer Siddiqui
"Diana and Ingrid are great! Will definitely be back!!!"
~ Jaclyn Petrongelli - Wood
"Diana and Ingrid were the best!! We had so much fun!!"
~ Erin Wine
"Zane and Sarah were awesome on March 16th. Highly recommend for a fun different night out."
~ David VanHimbergen
"Really great experience, super fun, highly recommend. Ingrid and Jared were awesome!"
~ Jill Singleton
"#GameShowGameShowChicago was OK.. I expected a bit more. It is a very popular activity in Chicago and it is located on Michigan Avenue. They should really step their game up. They need buttons or at least a bell not paddles. The props were very cheap. Our host was a bit moody too. I was there to have fun not to get yelled at. Also, we were told our session would be live streamed. It's been three days and our session has yet to be posted. It was a fun activity but very cheap. I can recreate in my basement."
~ Sylvia Vazquez
"Great activity for a birthday! Trivia and laughs all around. Big thanks to our awesome hosts Zane and Ryan"
~ Vivian Suen
"Great time with Eddie and Bucky!!!!"
~ Jared Slibeck
"Liked when we played family feud. Other people there alot of fun The people running the show real nice. Just did not like the game they played most of the time. Told it would be a hour and a half. it was only a hour."
~ Denise Bordoni
"We had an awesome time! The hosts were great and stayed in character throughout the experience!"
~ Samantha Medina
"John and Ingrid were great hosts! They kept us engaged the whole time and the whole experience was amazing!"
~ Mustafa Syed
"Great experience! I would highly recommend even if you think it will take you out of your comfort zone. They do a great job on making everyone comfortable. Fun games!"
~ Linda Arquilla
"Neil and Ethan were absolutely incredible hosts for our event! They delt with our excited (sometimes unruly) group with so much patience and fun. We were laughing the entire time, and they made sure to make every member of our group feel included. Come prepared for trivia, fun games, and competition. I only wish it was longer so we could keep playing. Thank you Neil and Ethan for an amazing team building activity!"
~ Ana Rollins
"Ethan and Neil were spectacular hosts!"
~ Bryan Bethea
"Had an absolute blast. It was so entertaining and fun. A little hot for sure, but the experience was just so fun."
~ Alyssa Fabry
"As the reigning queen of The Game Show (i had the most points at the end lol) let me say this was an awesome time! The host John Picklebottom was a excellent host. Full of energy & charismatic. Mark the co host defintely kept the tempo of the game up, all while keeping up score. Great experience and plus we were live on TV. If you are in Chicago or coming to the city this is one hidden gem you have to experience."
~ Erika Morrison
"Best experience ever with Ashley and Ruari!"
~ Joel Purcell
"Mark and John hosting the game show was unbelievable made me feel like I was on a real game show highly recommend will be back."
~ Camron Morrison
"Ashley and Ethan did a great job keeping the energy going during our corporate team building activity today. I would recommend the game show game show to anyone else looking for an ice breaker with a group or other fun outing."
~ Alma Rosado
"Ashley and Ethan did a great job keeping the energy going during our corporate team building activity today. I would recommend the game show game show to anyone else looking for an ice breaker with a group or other fun outing."
~ Victoria Wiedel
"Neil and Steven did an awesome job as hosts for our group! They stayed in character the whole time and did a great job pumping us up and making it a really fun experience! Everyone left saying they wanted to come back and do it again."
~ Lauren Kenaga
"Ingrid and Cullen were a blast and our whole team had a fantastic time!"
~ Kelly Cordingley
"Wow Diona and John were so amazing my husband and I had a phenomenal time so glad we chose this for our date night. Can’t wait to come Back"
~ India Dixon
"Really fun! Our host, Ingrid, was entertaining & energetic. Something different"
~ Claire Lyons
"We went in for a team building event, and had a blast! Buckey and Derek were great hosts, very fun and energetic!"
~ Nick Leyva
"Had a blast. Christian and Noelle were amazing! Fun time to go out with a group"
~ Grace
"I am glad my wife booked this for our family while we were on vacation. We are a handful however host John handled us well with superb and skillful assistance from Ashley. Neat experience not duplicated in our state of Arkansas. Would give more stars."
~ Ch Ad
"John and Mark was amazing! My parents booked an event for my birthday and it was really worthwhile! No a single dull moment and I will definitely come back if I had the chance."
~ CM
"Had a great time during our office holiday party here. Noelle and Sarah were both great hosts."
~ Josh Sniegowski
"We had a great time celebrating a birthday with the family! Hosts were great and added to laughs! Definitely will return!"
~ Katerina Boznos
"Cullen and Michael did a great job. Did not know what to expect, but they were funny, spontaneous, and kept everybody engaged with some fun/unique games. Sadly the sound didn't work online for those watching, but small issue. #turdfergusonfamily"
~ Tanner Gandy
"It was a lot of fun! Wasn't quite sure what to expect but Derek and Eithan were really great hosts. Would definitely do this again."
~ Josiah Henry
"Ethan and Ashley were AWESOME!!!! My coworkers and I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon in there tender mercies and we had the best time. They work so well together and they really know how to move the crowd. There were 18 of us and Ethan and Ashley were able to hold our attention and keep us in our toes. I’d definitely recommend The Game Show Game Show for any event. You will not leave disappointed. While I’ll admit I didn’t know what we had in store but I’m so very happy to have had the opportunity and can’t wait to go again."
~ Trina Oatis
"What a great time! Our host Deanna and co host Ingrid did a fantastic job last night. This was an awesome experience. Our team had a fun time. Thank you ladies."
~ Mary Shamie
"Our host and DJ, Thomas and Bucky did an amazing job! Our family had such a fun time and we would definitely be back again. We definitely recommend coming here for a unique, fun experience!"
~ Susy Castillo
"My family and I had a great time. The entire experience was fun and engaging and our hosts Ingrid and Noelle were fun and entertaining. We would definitely come back again."
~ Chris Herling
"Lady Noelle and Sarah were the bomb. We arrived for our office party not knowing what to expect and had a blast. The games are super fun and our hosts- Sarah and Noelle - had has engaged, laughing and having an immense amount of fun. Would highly recommend doing the game show to anyone and of course I will be back because my team won second place - so I have a free ticket to go back :)"
~ Michael Elsey
"Ethan & Ingrid were great hosts! I loved their one liners and how they improvised their interactions with the contestants. The game has rules that make sure everyone has the opportunity to get involved, which is nice! I will say that this probably isn't a good activity for kids unless it is an entire group of kids."
~ Nick Davis
The Game Show Game Show